Three Environmental Factors that Cause Service Lines to Fail

Are your residents aware of their responsibility to maintain their water and sewer service lines? In the State of the Home Winter 2018 survey, 13 percent of respondents thought service lines are the responsibility of the municipality or utility, and 18 percent didn’t know who was responsible. Additionally, 11 percent thought their homeowners’ insurance would […]

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Kurt Bookout, Public Utilities Director, El Dorado, KS

“SLW of America has done exactly what they claim and we have heard nothing but praise from our citizens for the program. The benefit for our City Sewer Department is fewer call-outs; because the homeowners’ failing service lines are finally getting fixed. Local plumbers embraced the program and I have heard nothing but positive comments from them. I whole-heartedly endorse the NLC-USP program and feel it will continue to be a valuable approach to proactively addressing the problem of decaying water and sewer infrastructure.”

— Kurt Bookout
Public Utilities Director
El Dorado, KS

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Ruth Volbre, Assistant City Administrator, Berwyn, IL

“The majority of the homes within our municipality are from the early 1900’s with the original service lines. The city heard the need of this insurance from residents. High quality of customer service, reasonable prices, and use of locally licensed plumbers. SLWA offers a good product and quality customer service to Berwyn’s residents.”

— Ruth Volbre
Assistant City Administrator
Berwyn, IL

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Bryan Long, City Manager, Lawton, OK

“The program payouts have been huge for our homeowners; over $230,000 in water and sewer line repairs alone in 24 months. It really illustrates the fact that the program is responsive.”

— Bryan Long
City Manager
Lawton, OK

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Michelle Duff City Clerk Thornton, IA

“Many of our residents are income restricted and the cost to repair a service line could be devastating, and the City wanted the residents to have a low cost option for such repairs. The City’s decision was made through the experience of other communities with SLWA. All input was positive! As the City Clerk, I personally have heard from a handful of citizens that participate in the warranty program and have used the warranty for repairs. All have given positive feedback from their experience.”

— Michelle Duff
City Clerk
Thornton, IA

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James C. Hunt Former Councilmember Clarksburg, WV

“This program has been available to Clarksburg’s residents for nearly two years, and it’s a real winner. Resident satisfaction is high and it’s a lot easier to tell citizens about this great new service rather than explain why they are on the hook for costly repairs.”

— James C. Hunt
Former Councilmember
Clarksburg, WV

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Mary R., Glendale, AZ

“You have my endorsement. I am truly impressed with your services. Very pleased. Gives me confidence that the city gives you an alternative needed to take care of any problems.”

— Mary R.
Glendale, AZ

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Conservation: Partnering With Ratepayers to Reduce Costs

Potable water is valuable and requires time, labor and resources to produce and deliver to ratepayers, and water utilities are expected to maintain a constant, clean supply with aging infrastructure and rates that are less than ideal. We’ve looked at recouping costs through reducing loss and theft, but you also can partner with ratepayers to […]

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