Older Homes Are Prone to Plumbing Problems

Old homes have unique charms, but they also may be hiding plumbing problems in their walls and floorboards. Older homes can have a host of problems with the plumbing that you can’t see – it may simply be old and reaching the end of its usable lifespan, piping may have been installed that later proved […]

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Imagine a Day Without Water 2018

It was 11 p.m. Sept. 14, and the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority had a problem, one that could be described as either as small as a 48-inch raw water pipe or as large as a hurricane. These two things, the raw water pipeline and Hurricane Florence, had come together to threaten Wilmington’s potable water […]

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Utility Service Partners Gives Employees a Day Off to Help Kids Play

More than a dozen Utility Service Partners, a HomeServe company, employees joined more than 200 other local business people and Seneca Valley Schools pupils and volunteered their time to help re-build an 18-year-old playground, transforming it into “Crocodile Cove,” at Cranberry Township’s North Boundary Park. This $350,000 project was directed by KaBOOM!, a national nonprofit […]

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Kenny H., Maysville, KY

“No services anywhere else we have could hold a candle to this service. We are never put on hold. If we need you, there is always someone right here.”

— Kenny H.
Maysville, KY

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Sue H,. Union, SC

“This keeps a big burden off people when having these problems. I live alone. Knowing I have someone to take care of things gives me piece of mind.”

— Sue H.
Union, SC

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John E., Rock Falls, IL

“The overall service and promptness of the service is highly recommended. I am very satisfied. I’m very happy that such a service existed here, and I will continue to take advantage of all the programs available.”

— John E.
Rock Falls, IL

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Milton N. Columbia Heights, MN

“This service is wonderful. If we had called a plumber on our own we would have had to wait a day or two. This service was COMPLETE in less than four hours.”

— Milton N.
Columbia Heights, MN

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Gayle M., Daly City, CA

“I am very impressed with this program. I am on a limited income and this has been a tremendous help to me.”

— Gayle M.
Daly City, CA

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James L., Northglenn, CO

“This warranty and your wonderful service was a godsend to us. We are retired and would have had a difficult time paying the cost for these repairs. Thank you very much.”

— James L.
Northglenn, CO

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